Good Times


They say time is an illusion
But we remember the moment
I think that is whats important
All that laughter and the fraction
Signing paper looking better
Who would’ve hate the progression
When we working to bless everyone
Each and every moment (silence!)
Give it a chance to take place
To put a smile on your face
To take away the days
Close your eyes so you can seize the days
So you can see your future and embrace the present
Movin in the different paces, runnin in the different pace we share the same space,
same place to get all the groove and bust a move
Is cool when you can feel the same thing too!
And we’ll be here sharing love
Sharing anything that worth sharing look at me now i make you singing my song
If you ever feel bad, i want you sing my song
Outshining depression and the bad thoughts

In case you missed it
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