Bugs keep bugging
Thrips keep tripping
Grass keep wilding
But don’t ever let ’em fool you
The sun keeps shining
The rain keeps falling
The world keeps spinning around and round
So no
No more escape for the scape has grown so strong
I can’t deny for the light has shown me
Found the truth now
I can feel my roots are stronger, stronger, stronger
Sorry, no mercy
Sorry, sorry give me space I’m ready to bloom
Tu tu tu ru tu tu tu ru tu
Show it to ’em Daisy
Show ’em you got to embrace you’re ready to bloom
Tu tu tu ru tu tu tu ru tu
People keep talkin’
When the world keeps doubtin’ you
Just remember you’re beautiful
Don’t ever let ’em fool you
Listen to your heart and your soul
You know who’s in control
Don’t ever lose yourself, yourself
So no
No more

In case you missed it