Harleys In Hawaii

Boy, tell me, can you take my breath away?
Cruisin’ down a heart-shaped highway
Got you swervin’ lane-to-lane, don’t hit the brakes
‘Cause I’m feelin’ so safe
I’ll be your baby, on a Sunday
Oh, why don’t we get out of town?
Call me your baby, on the same wave
Oh, no, no, there’s no slowin’ down
You and I, I
Ridin’ Harleys in Hawaii, I
I’m on the back, I’m holdin’ tight, I
Want you to take me for a ride, ride
When I hula-hula, hula
So good, you’ll take me to the jeweler-jeweler, jeweler
There’s pink and purple in the sky, I
We’re ridin’ Harleys in Hawaii, I
Let me run my fingers through your salty hair
Go ahead, explore the island vibes
So real that you can feel it in the air
I’m revvin’ up your engine
I’ll be your baby, on a Sunday
Oh, why
In case you missed it