[verse 1]

what if we
were still meant together
will you be happy?
or you still feel lonely?
just say it to me

find it out
that he kiss you better
was his lips better than mine?
didn’t i treated you fine
and you play it rewind in your mind

baby cause

(i love you, i love you, i love you)


i’m tryna live without you
i’m tryna breath without you
when you were gone

i never knew you were the one
it got me blue when we were done
feeling none

(oh love)

[verse 2]

how if we go back to the rhythm
do you still believe, you’re the one to relieved
what i deceived

say my name, like what you used to do
was he got all of his spell?
didn’t he put you through h-ll
didn’t treat you to well
never tell

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In case you missed it