You find what you find when you find there’s nothing here


There’s just the sun and the sky and him, like he’s the only reason it’s all here. Then he ruins everything by talking.

Bruce comments about Clark, The Dark Knight Returns, Book Three : Hunt The Dark Knight

I’m not the kinda guy who enjoys clubbing, there’s something odd from my point of view regarding clubbing, included the fact that I always mumbling, “clubbed to death while clubbing” every time someone ask me to go to clubbing. I think clubbing is one of the oddest activity to socialize, you can’t socialize with others while the music is loud, smoke everywhere and the lights are dim. But then again, sometimes my defense is weak and my will are nothing compared to a bunch of wacko motley crew who drag me all the way to a club.

So, there I was, watching the crowd in action while distant myself from them, for I am the watcher, who is to cool to dance (honestly can’t dance) and probably more enjoyed by alcohol than the atmosphere, & don’t let me start with the freakin’ drum & bass back-ground music. Then all of a sudden, there she goes, and the room like slow-motion, or to be exact is frozen, wait to be more absurd, it’s like everything is black & white while she’s the only one that living in Technicolor. It’s amazing, at least for us, you see, it’s not just me & my own crazy imagination, my friend is drowned in his own Saliva FYI. It’s like she’s an anomaly, in the place where everything is hustle, she’s like a serenity in motion, a beautiful poetry, a breathtaking view that convince you that you’re to blind too hear, too deaf to see and too numb to feel.

Suddenly all that annoying dim lights, the pointless dancer, the smoke that fills the air, even the effect of alcohol is vanish and replaced by some sense of clarity, like a revelation. Some voices inside my head keep sayin, “maybe she’s the one”, “she’s your other half”, “It seems that I finally found my other half, my missing rib, my soul-mate, which is better than coffee mate” and all others B.S. keeps around me. I didn’t take a photo, but she’s kinda look like this. I swear And while I’m still in comatose state, my friend is launching an onslaught, an all out attack in hopes that he caught her off guard. Vini, Vidi, Vici, just like Caesar said. Stunned by the initiative pre-emptive strike my comrade had launched. I just stood there and watch, for I am the watcher.

Then it came the inevitable, whenever everything went too smooth, there’s more than meets the eye, a booby trap, for my friend that is. The girl is vicious, sharp-mouthed, just like a devil in disguise as an angel, just like rose that has a thorn, which is attached by a deadly venom that kills you instantly. You swear you’ll never hear something so purely sadistic and evil come from mouth of an angel. Then suddenly she’s fallin from grace. She’s not as gorgeous as two minutes ago somehow you realize she’s the thing you tolerate too much that you somehow didn’t see the dreaded side of her. Well that’s a story of a girls night on a club. A lesson to be learned : if you want a nice good girl, found it in a nice place like a church, mosque, not in the club. Well I find what I find when I find there’s nothing there.

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