Footnotes From Maldives With Larasati Silalahi


Monday has always been interesting since it’s my day off. Apart from resting and trying to write articles, it would be my first day option to explore the island of Kandooma. For this week, a good (new) friend of mine, Robyn, asked me whether I wanted to join her on a Sunset Cruise, so I did.

Let me tell you a bit about Sunset Cruise. Picture a very nice boat, with a huge boom net each on the right and the left side of the boat where you can lie down on it, sipping beers. Yes, sounds surreal, it IS that nice! However you still need to hold on a bit on to the boom nets though, you don’t want to get drown or anything, but as long as you get the grips, it’s all good.

(Beach view from The Sunset Deck – The best place you can visit to enjoy the breath-taking sunset in Kandooma)

After an hour trip, playing with the waves while drinking, we finally got the chance to go to the upper deck where they served wine and finger foods. It doesn’t stop there, wait until you see the beautiful sunset. Now you know why Maldives is the best place to be for honeymooners. Ha.

(View from The Sunset Deck, The Kitchen. Enjoy this while indulging tapas and cocktails)

In Kandooma there are other kinds of water sports/activities too, such as the Dolphin Cruise, Night Fishing, Wind Surfing and so much more. Surely will let you know more about it once I try it.

The one thing that I know I can tell you so much about is Kandooma Radio where I currently work. We have morning and afternoon show, “Bananas In The Morning” and “Seize The Sunset”, usually two DJs in the morning and one for the afternoon. I have been doing the morning show with DJ Alex K from Australia, and the other DJ just arrived as I wrote this article. Her name is Jess, she’s cool. The three of us will sit together soon and sort out our schedules very soon, looking forward to create some fresh new interesting shows as well!

For “Seize The Sunset” we basically play chill out music with a bit of information in between songs, and for “Bananas In The Morning” we have lots of segments such as “Are You Kidding Me?” where we talk about stupid surreal things, “Dropping the E-reports” for entertainment news, and so much more. Also what makes the show more special is the fact that our guests can just drop by during their breakfast to request some songs, even for us to simply mention their names on air. Most of them are the honeymooners too, so as predicted, I always have love songs that are ready to be played. Not the cheesy ones though, just to make sure that they’re gone. LOL.

Anyway, I have to go preparing tonight and tomorrow’s shows, but before that, I’m going to leave you with a thought. Living in a very laid-back island like Maldives could really give you a good break from the hectic big city life. But in the end, what you miss is what you treasure the most, and what has made you.

(Sunset in Kandooma, photo taken by Christian Loader)

Missing you all.