Celebrity on Election Day!

Election Day

Today is the day!

Hari ini adalah hari yang ditunggu-tunggu seluruh masyarakat Amerika karena hari ini adalah mereka dapat memberikan suaranya untuk calon Presiden pilihannya.

Banyak selebriti yang ikutan meramaikan Election Day dengan mengunggah foto selfie mereka. Beberapa ada yang terang-terangan memihak pada Hillary dengan menggunakan hashtag #WithHer, tapi banyak juga yang merahasiakan pilihannya.

Mau lihat siapa aja? Yuk, kita lihat!

    1. Taylor Swift

Today is the day. Go out and VOTE ??

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2. Joe Jonas


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3. Jessica Alba

your voice matters! #Vote ??

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4. Neil Patrick Harris

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. – Martin Luther King Jr.” #VOTE

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5. Kourtney Kardashian

For our future, I’m with her.

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6. Nick Jonas

Right off the plane from Hawaii to go vote. #electionday

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7. Lady Gaga

JUST VOTED! And YOU should too! Every vote counts!

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8. Anne Hathaway

In an effort to be sensitive to the disparate beliefs and political leanings of everyone here, I have done my best to keep my posts focused on the importance of voting during this election. Until now. Yes, I am voting for a Nasty Woman. Yes, I am voting for someone who as a private citizen refused to let disabled children live a life in the shadows and fought to get them rights and representation. Yes, I am voting for the former First Lady of Arkansas who championed a program (HIPPY) which sent teachers into the homes of underprivileged families to train parents in school preparedness and literacy, a program which became a model for other states. Yes, I am voting for the former First Lady who, in 1995, when it was insanely unpopular to express feminist views, stood in front of the world and said in that particular, driven Midwestern lilt of hers “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights.” [Now in 2016, we say “(duh) yeah” and we feel entitled to that attitude in no small part because of the truth expressed by a brave woman in power.] Yes, I am voting for the former senator from NY who worked across party lines to get first responders the support they needed long after the towers fell on that tragic day. And Yes, I am voting for the former Secretary of State who was in the room when the particular terror of Osama Bin Laden was finally, finally silenced. Yes, yes, YES I am voting for @HillaryClinton, the most qualified candidate our country has ever had the opportunity to vote for. Hill-yes #Imwithher, and I hope you are too. #VOTELIKEITMATTERSCUZITDOES

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9. Zoe Saldana

#flashing you with my vote sticker! #onlytimeitwillhappen #vote #election2016

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10. G-Eazy

Itulah beberapa selebriti yang ikut meramaikan Election Day. Siapapun calon Presiden yang terpilih, semoga akan memberikan kemajuan dan kebaikan untuk seluruh negeri di dunia.

Happy Election Day!

[teks Sekar Retno Ayu | foto Stamford Advocate]