Celine Dion : Happy to be Crazy!

celine dion

Dalam kesempatan foto shoot untuk sebuah majalah fashion, penyanyi legendaris “My Heart Will Go On” ini tak merasa risih jika harus berpose tanpa busana. Ibu dari tiga anak ini justru merasa bahagia karena telah berhasil melawan rasa takutnya di depan kamera.”I’m like this in my real life. I was scared a little bit because this is so different for me, but I’m glad I did it. Usually there’s always a reason when I do a photo shoot, there’s not the opportunity to go crazy,” ucap Dion. Dalam foto shoot ini, Dion juga mengaku bahwa pose topless ini sekaligus menggambarkan keterbukaan hidupnya bagi publik, baik sebagai seorang penyanyi, hingga kini ia memfokuskan dirinya sebagai seorang ibu.

I’ve been an open book all my life and I think that’s why people like me. For me to tell someone that my husband (red – René Angélil) had cancer, that we were struggling to have kids, or whatever we’ve gone through, talking about my life lets people know the real me. I thought I had a life before, but until I was a mom, I had no idea. Why would I want a hit? Why would I want to win awards? There is nothing I can hope and wish for my career: I can just hope to be blessed as a mother for the rest of my life the way I am now. That’s the only nomination I want,” jelas Dion. 

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