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Duplikasi  serta Printing CD-R ,DVD-R,dan Mini CD-RHighest quality printing for CD-R,DVD-R and Mini CD-R ,DVD and CD duplication,
CD & DVD printing(not sticker labeling), duplication . Custom full color, and complete packaging options are available.
For orders 100 and above, our printed CDs & DVDs have a completely smooth laminated finish, are remarkably durable, and are resistant to pressure, moisture and light. Discs printed with high technology , smudge and scratch-proof also water proof. Less expensive solutions, like ink-jet printing, smudge and scratch easily.
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When printed on a white CD & DVD surface, our printers produce stunning labels with dense fields of color, full color photorealistic images and attractive text
The advantages include:

***Full photographic quality CD and DVD printing***
***Full CD and DVD print coverage, including inside the hub***
         ***Scratch and smudge-proof printed CDs and DVDs***     

jasa kami meliputi:
**printing cd-r dan dvd-r ,mini cd-r dan mini dvd -r,min order 100 keping**
**duplikasi dan printing cd dan dvd min order 100 keping**

** Duplikasi dan printing mini cd dan mini dvd minimal 100 keping**

***Highest quality DVD and CD duplication, DVD printing and CD printing***