Bintang Aditama (penyiar radio swasta Lombok) Yadinu Fm(98.7 mhz)

I m Announcer too di Yadinu Fm Lombok 98.70 MHz. I like make a friendship with everyone. Actually i want to tell you many thing. ayo liburan ke Lombok  gua tunggu ya kapan-kapan nich no gua kalau pengen informasi about Lombok Hp 08175714987

bintang Aditama

 hai teman gua Bintang Aditama dari Lombok Island. Pengen berkunjung dan lihat panorama Lombok yang keren. gua siep jadi guide loe semua yang datang ke pulau gua. untuk hard roker camon loe ajak liburan ke lombok. ni nomor hp gua (08175714987)

Bintang Media

Bintang Media from East Lombok.

the light

see the light too bright, too shine where is the light come from? you? you are shining in front of me i can't catch you or even touch you everytime i almost reached you you're gone please don't go shine for me please i want to catch you i want to be yours and you to be mine

The Outline

i have remembered when i hung out with my friends at my friend's house named hen. ok, we call him asiong:) For the first time we made the outline to follow an activity at our school, an extraculicular (badminton). BUT, we went to asiong's house despite. we chat everything. there were me, cella, indra, jep, and of course asiong. time ran so fast. when we looked to the clock it was 4.30 pm and jep should go home but we didn't want. so, we drove jep to school so he could go home by KOPAJA and we continued to...

vote to DJ bobby n stadium jakarta

STADIUM JAKARTA is my house ^^

Death of Roses………..

I kissed a whisper the only shadow.... A dream maker painted a hope Walk to the moon disappear by reality, confession .... Who should i believe in when there's no one left or even god Pray for nothing but only wish I kissed a rose but smell nothing When i dig it into deep to watch my fall But can't found your hand to back mine Who should i believe in if there's only a ghost Smile to me and tells everything Playing guitar just like sting.... Extra force threatens me out of the earth Stranger hand...

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Me VS The World

I saw an Angel, speak language of heaven I learn in hell ....before i born to this real hell I live with nothing i can believe in shadow is the only air i can breath Night is only dark moment before sunshine Whisper around my waist Drop me down and push me back When its over I will be there Bring my book and watch I've done I deny........... But now im waiting for that day...............

Hola Saint…

Where is the angel when I need to fight with an evil? Date a vampire cold body and suck kisses Watta strong arms just hold me back to his face Smell a sin and starting fight Where is the angel when i need to prove... Prove the world,saint and evil that I can be good Good as a sinner but act like a prisoner You are going to envy hola saint... When fire burn your wing and swing you out of hell Why you cry? I kissed a vampire with my only respect Respect to...

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