Dunno …. just d way i feel …..



Sad … sad .. y ?I dunno,somehow I felt so insecured,well … may be i need a break ! Yea … true … it a must to me !In d mean time while waiting for d chance to go what else i can do ? Uhhmm may be i should pampers my self with something …. what 's that ??? Ah .. a little spa can do,yup finally i went to tha massage last saturday … but all booked,only one can go in.Aha … bad bad …timing.

Then .. what else i can do,well since already in d area that i didnt go everyday .. i make a little shopping for only about 30 minutes.Well its kinda boored already,so saw a saloon.A very big and professional saloon just next to my house.Aha .. may be time for me to change my look,well let's try then. AFter 2.5 hours do all the kind that i want .. well d result wasnt that good as I were expected.Dear …. i guess all d situation follow my mood and stuff. Dont blame them,blame my self for this cause of confussion.

Well ….. let it go … stay home now,played the wi fii dunno what to do. Sad … isnt it ? Hua ha ha ha ha crying oud of louuuuuuudddd xxxx

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