Escape From Huang Shi (Awesome and recommended)


So its called The Children of Huang Shi huh? hahaha.

I really love the sceneries in this movie is just marvellous , it was beautifully portrayed, and the story was based on a true story about George Hogg which is such a GREAT one! 

I cant imagine living in a war time lik…(read more)e that. Hogg was a VERY GREAT MAN.

Hogg is an example of a noble person who's willing to save lives and even sacrifice his life for the well being of others. Yes, people like that does exist!

I thought Jon Rhys-Myers did a pretty good job in his acting and his c…(read more)hinese, but Chow yun-fat wasn't as good.

Check it out if you have time, to appreciate just how…(read more) lucky we are to be born and raised in peace time.