Happy Day… Hv a great day in Menado my babe…


Morning my diary blog….. i'm happy today, although last nite i got a big shock coz of "something not important" (for me). For Mas Har,i miss u sooooo much. I wish that u will be okay and nothin' much trouble with ur work in Menado. Wahhhh…menado, although i really wanna come with, but i can't take da day off. Im sure u knew my condition of job babe… Babe i miss u. I knew u too.

Anyway… tomolo is "someone" B'day. I do adore him MUCH. But since next year he will be a new chairman in ma office. Good Luck for u. I knew there are many ppl knew if mentioned ur initial. Tomolo is ur B’day. Happy B’day September 24th 2008 … Wishin’ u all da Best. Keep kewl and charming forever