Hello Hardrock FM Jakartam


Selamat pagi semua yang berada di seluruh dunia ini, saya harap semua baik-baik aja.  Saya hanya mau bilang tentang situs in emang agak bagus karna saya bisa mendengar acara radio dari Indonesiaku.  This website is awsome, I like it a lot and hopefully meet new people.  I tried many time to find a good online radio streaming for free, but what; many are not so good.  I tried to find a radio station if possible from my hometown, Lombok, but I did get any.  There are some, but mostly doesn’t have online streaming.  We’ll see in the future.

This is my first time to visit the hardrocker blog or I’ve just registered in and hopefully to see you all, wherever you are in this world.

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2010 and also happy holidays.


Muhamad Hambali
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