I Love You


When I want to tell you about the most beautiful love in my heart, it was never separated from the presence of you who fill my heart in my days.
I’m ahead of the days with you, in love, in anger … in togetherness, in solitude … in joy and in pain. Everything flows as a desire to love each other in unity among us.
Yes .. many things we have done together, so I could know you, and you know me well. It could be happen, because there is love between us.
Perhaps, several days of our togetherness, filled with anger, so sometimes, we are a lot of energy being drained to the same perception or to find solution. Indeed, it is not a mistake.
I know, there are difficult for us to imagine that we can receive as a difference. But again I say, I’m glad we’re going to learn to understand each other. And that’s why, I never changed to always love you. I choose you cause there’s no reason to not choosing you.
All the passion of my love, will always be on you, not just good times, but also when unrest swept your heart.
When you are down, i do something to make you strong again. i’ll do that, cause i don’t want to see you sad. i’ll do that, cause i want to see your smile again. i’ll do that, because i love you.
It is important for me to see you happy : do everything, talking anything, and go anywhere, because i know, it’s all going to liberate your heart, and can make you enjoy your life again. I will never spend time looking at you smiling happily.
When distance separates us, I know, that is not change the whole feeling is in our hearts. It all happened, because we had carved out the love in writing each of our hearts.
Often times I am weak. I’m so sorry. I hope you know that it wasn’t me. But it all has made me, not like me so far you see before your eyes.
Now, I hope, the greatness of the meaning of love, always in our hearts … my heart and your heart. I don’t want everything dissolve in the troubled because we have not found an answer to the spirit and ideals of both of us. Believe me, all these things will be good, if we give into the hands of God, because God knows it will be our good intentions.
I Love You
I, who love you with all my heart.
.Sarlen Julfree