The Outline


i have remembered when i hung out with my friends at my friend’s house named hen. ok, we call him asiong:) For the first time we made the outline to follow an activity at our school, an extraculicular (badminton). BUT, we went to asiong’s house despite. we chat everything. there were me, cella, indra, jep, and of course asiong. time ran so fast. when we looked to the clock it was 4.30 pm and jep should go home but we didn’t want. so, we drove jep to school so he could go home by KOPAJA and we continued to my house. asiong is a great musician for me, he can play guitar and piano even he isn’t take any course and he played piano greatly at my house and made us excited.

and this is our photo but there isn’t asiong because he was to shy :p we took this photo with webcam.

that’s it.

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