Common People



You'll never live like common people
You'll never do what common people do
You'll never fail like common people
You'll never watch your life slide out of view, and dance and drink and screw


Pulp-Common People


Usually People always strive for the best, better tomorrow. But unfortunately, not all of us have the chance, competency, or the ability to be the best, the special one. The rest of us who failed in the attempt to become the best have to endure the titled mediocre or common people.

As I started the daily routine, I went to the bus station to go to work and then I realize one thing, which is how common I am and every one in the station. It's not like we don't have the urge to be a star, to be famous, to be rich (who doesn't want it?), but it seems that we just like an animal, an ant to be exact, doing daily routine every day to support the system, whatever the definition of the system is (capitalism, communism, etc).

Sure we all want to be the best, to be number one, but just like my previous blog "broken generation", the world or the system somehow breaking our idealistic urge to be number one, to be the best cuz deep down we knew that there can be only one winner, the rest is just looser. So we just live our life to accept the defeat and just live it, just like zombie, just like "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you with" track of mind.

As I look at them, and myself, I see common people, ordinary man and women, nothing special, just doing our thing. I knew that guy who works as a super market cashier, I notice the girl who works as SPG, I know that girl who works as waitress in a coffe shop (diamond in a rough, just need a little polish and she will be da bomb), or my neighbor who works as a chef in small corner shop food stall in Bendungan Hilir (some area in Jakarta), etc.

Is it wrong? No, if you ask me. Just like Darwin survival of the fittest theory, a species will evolve or mutate to ensure the survival of the species. But is the mutation or evolution necessary? Sometimes it is, sometimes it don't. Evolution theory proves that mutation or evolution will exist if it useful, of it's not is just disappear, just an anomaly. Talk about anomaly, Friedrich Nietzsche "primus inter pares / ubermensch" theory is also linked to evolution theory, an anomaly where an individual so stands out among the crowd they were chosen to be natural leader. But somehow special one can't be bred, mostly the chosen one or special one, even golden generation in soccer, usually exist just one generation. Arise question whether they are needed in the first place or not? Probably just an anomaly.

Is it kinda annoying why there are so many normal, common people out there (even though we all claim to be special or unique). I remember a friend told me that the reason why there are so many idiot in this world is cuz they are the one who breed the most. Did smart people didn't enjoy sex or they just figured out that life is already complicated and you don't have to add problems with married, breeding, etc? No wonder the special one can't be bred, it's some kinda blessing from above. So it is wrong for Hitler to be believes that "aria" race concept, a race far more superior than the other is existed in the first place. The special one, there can be only one, not a bunch of special one, that's why it's called special one.

As I strolling my gaze to the field of common people, I wonder did we really broken that we just accept the fact that we are mediocre? No, I still see the passion, the urge for a better living, a better tomorrow. And I believe that life is built upon small things, a journey of thousands mile begin with a single step. Maybe not all of us destined for greatness, but without the support of the small, petty role of mediocre, the whole system is crumbling down.

And to be honest, common people are the greatest survivor. Just look at today when this era called "financial crisis" hits us all, big hot-shot company such as Meryl Linch, AIG is collapse, the one who survived, stand tall and shake the heaven (sorry for exaggerating) is the common people, mediocre business. And usually, common people is more stress proof cuz common people used to failure, unlike the special one who not used to failure (so when they are bound to fail, they usually chose the easy way, suicide).

Bottom line is, we, common people, are not broken (at least not yet). We just take one step at a time, unlike special one who could leap forward. And common people are the one who support the whole system to be functioned properly (special one making them fast forward but not supporting it). Conclusion : common people rules!!!


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