Blame it on the obvious way

Open up your arm and say, I can’t throw it all away
Open up your arm and say, I can’t give it all away
I couldn’t even care what you say, change, change everyday
I blame it on your obvious ways

Idlewild – “Blame it on obvious way”

Once again a gun “accident” happened again and again, this time in Germany. Tim Kretschmer, a 17 years old kid shot 15 people and took their life, and also his own life, on Wednesday 11th of March 2009 in his high school, Albertville-Realschule, Winnenden. Wow, 17 years old, still a lot of things to come. Life hasn’t gave the best and also the worst thing it has in it’s store for him.

Probably the media will profiles this kid as “white. Freak out kid, who used video game as training simulator” (he loves to play “Counter-Strike”), just like every other incident that ever happens in the world. You name it, West road Mall Rampage in Ohama-Nebraska, Columbine, DC sniping, everything. Everyone needs a scapegoat so they won’t felt guilty knowing that actually they’re hand are also dirty in that accident, and really, video game is a perfect one, especially for parents, who won’t admit their mistake, especially for their kids.

Maybe today video game is getting violent, but it because their loyal fans are also growing up, and they needed a more “edgy” game than ever before. Video game has a rating system, and it’s up to parents and society to control so the M-rated game didn’t played by kids. I’ve seen parents bough Grand Theft Auto III: San Andreas for they’re kids. I mean hello?! You might as well just bring your kids to watch a porn movie instead pal (extreme analogy). And the analogy if you play violent game, you tend to become violent is become old if you ask me, I love fighting game, and I’m not even has a record on violent against other, not yet? OK, to be more blunt, if I play flight simulator game, I could hijack a plane and crash it on one of USA city? Hell no right?! Wait, let’s become more retard here, if I play “Winning Eleven” and I’m good at it, am I gonna be a great soccer player? And I wonder why Indonesian national team is rather sucks.
Back to Tim Kretschmer, he is a teenager with lot’s potential, He’s good at Ping Pong, though personally he’s not that good with people, a loner, had little number of friend, etc. Or about Robert Hawkins,the West road Mall Rampage kid, who leaves a note, “want to go out in style”, but why brings other people also? He afraid that he might gets lonely in the afterlife? If you want to go out in style, why you didn’t became a daredevil or a stunt man so you could really die in the most extravagant style? People said that he just get dumped by his girlfriend and get fired from Mc Daddy (the one and only who stars in Super size me”, due to copy rights and law infringement I can’t use the word). Wow, lots people getting fired and dumped everyday, kids and Africa dies every second, in other part of the world somebody is cry because s/he lost his/her loved ones in a tragic way, this world is filled with misery (but also filled with joy). You know what, they didn’t killed people, and I’m sorry that I don’t have any sympathy for you boy.

Back to the shooting incident, everyone blame everyone but themselves. They didn’t realized that in every situation we need to look to our self first, then the other after we realize that actually we didn’t have to take all the blame in it. The shooting incident happens because to get a gun is easy on the Europe and USA. And maybe Tim Kretschmer is mentally ill, but he alone is not to blame, where everyone when he needed them the most? The world needs a stricter gun control, and they also need to realize that guns don’t kill people, rappers do, err, I mean people kill people. And maybe they just feel alone cuz no one understand them, and every one seems to neglect or just didn’t care about them. We need to be care to each other and didn’t turn the other cheeks when something happen or someone in need.

Maybe I’m preaching to the choir. Cuz lots of people said what I said and the whole thing just happen over and over again, just like a cycle of life or something. Maybe I just need to unleash my angst cuz I’m a gamer, I love gory movies (you gotta watch gory-gory hallelujah though it’s a black comedy), or really interested in death (though not a gothic kinda guy). And from the darkest side of my mind I could say this: it’s hard to stop a psycho from get “psyche-o” if he is psycho in the first place. I mean I know I don’t have the problem with the world, even knowing that I’m a misfit and sometime consider as geek/creep/nerd/misfit by society. I never had the tendency of getting violent and psyche-o even when the whole world, and also God is conspiring against me. At least not yet ^-^!

Hell, maybe it is obvious, cuz the one who did the shooting is typical, we could stereotyped it. OK, let’s just blame it on the obvious way. It happens because it supposed to? Maybe it’s a warning for us to be more careful, or maybe it’s the sign of the end of the world? Hell I don’t know, but let’s make it clear, don’t be like Vini Manili? (the 80’s duo that do the lip-sync, sorry if I misspelled it, I don’t like them). They sang “Blame it on the rain”, here’s some of the lyrics, “blame it on the rain, yeah yeah/blame it on the star, yeah yeah/ whatever you do don’t put the blame on you…”. It’s wrong cuz you have to ask yourself when something like that happen, is it something wrong with us, well it’s a savage world out there and nothing more savage or fierce than society, high society.

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