The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persist in trying to adapts the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man

George Bernard Shaw

Let me tell you why I dig Batman. First, it’s cuz the dark atmosphere. Batman is one of the comic that really tells you how the world can be so dark, so sick and demented (filled with crazy people, rape literally or metaphorically, death around the corner, crime, etc). Second, cuz the Batman himself. He is the true anti-hero. He fights fire with fire (he’s to wild that DC decided to tame him with the creation of Robin, but as the story progress you could tell that the dark world kept the dark knight, well, dark). The third one is the philosophy. Yes, if you read Batman, you’ll knew how sick, pessimist, grim, gloom Batman is. He doesn’t believe in anyone (even have a file of the list of the super hero and super villain weakness), he once said “power tends to be corrupt and who is more powerful than Superman”. Another philosophy is when he said that the difference between Batman and Superman is deep down inside Clark is good man, and deep down inside Bruce is not.

Maybe it’s how Batman grew. The dark world effects him, the color did not change, he change the way he see it. “Lying on the ground, with blood on my hand. I learned that the only way to make sense in this world is when you force your way into it”. So, you probably think what’s the point in reading something that will only bring you bad mood? Well, it’s the philosophy, even though, the world is dark, but Batman himself it the light (no matter how grim that is). He refuses to surrender to the world, he forces his way into it, he put the law into his own hand. Deep down he knew that he is fighting a loosing battle against crime, but he refuses to give up. As a symbol, he can’t be corrupted, he could be more than just a man, he is legend. He could do the thing that no one else will do, the right thing. Not cuz he’s a hero, but cuz he is a vigilante, a watchful dark knight. And yes, Batman still tells you that no matter how worse it is, there are always hope. Jim Gordon once said to Batman, you know why I didn’t move to other city? I’m not born here, I could make my family live in safer city, so why I didn’t move? Because there are always hope. We could make this city a better place. As long there are people like me, like you”. Hell even Batman himself said, “As the sun rises I smiled. Not because the dark night is over, but because one day I knew that I will win and I don’t have to wear this mask again” (although everyone said that Bruce Wayne is the mask, the real person is the Batman).

Then the last reason is cuz Batman has the coolest line of villain, they are so out of the box, so crazy. Not because the villain is super strong, but because they are crazy, they think out of the box. Because the crazy, we need to know what drive them into dark side. (unlike Superman enemy, they are strong, powerful, a sun eater and bad, that’s it. That’s all we need to know, and that’s why Lex Luthor still the most arch enemy of Superman). Hence, enter the Joker. No super power, but ranked as No. 1 villain by wizard magazine, even Supergirl afraid of him. He called himself the Joker cuz he think that this world is crazy and sick, dull and ordinary. But fear not, Batman and the Joker is here to save the day and makes the world more interesting and try to say for every crazy thing he did, “Did you get the joke?” The Joker is the opposite of Batman, but that’s what makes them attract to each other, opposite attract.

They both think out of the box, try to beat each other in a cycle of never ending fight, and they both enjoy the company of each other. That’s what makes their world go around. That’s what makes the world an interesting place when you think about it, to think out of the box. In the old days, to be different is to be deemed as crazy, and sentenced to death (Galileo once prosecuted to death cuz he believes the world is round, not flat). Think of how we would still in the dark ages if the revolutionary, crazy idea is forced to adapt to the dull ordinary, normal world. We wouldn’t have technology these days if it weren’t for radical dream and out of the box thinking. Remember when photograph first invented and they said that you stole someone’s soul each time a picture is taken? Or remember when doing an autopsy is consider to commit a sacrilege? Hell, even use a fork considered a madness cuz it once believe who would be fool enough to choke themselves with sharp object such as fork? (Well most of us did).

And being crazy is one way to break free from mediocre. Why? Cuz society always try to maintain status quo, for reason that sometimes sounds silly, like for the better good, or for social order, or simply to maintain the established power. Honestly, the word “change” is a forbidden word just like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter (personally if you ask me, change needs some serious budget, imagine to change every business card, paper, uniform, etc that contains the old logo that been changed by the new one). Society breaks and broke all of our imagination, remember when your elementary teacher used to tell you how to draw a mountain, how to coloring a hill? Or how you should play the music instrument rather than teach you how to play music? They won’t accept changes, it is written in our DNA. They said we are born as free creature, yet we are jailed within our own confinement, our comfort zone, our rules. We have to be crazy to break the rules, just like the Joker said, “the only sensible way to live in this crazy world is to live without rules”. Thank God cuz these days, being crazy is accepted, even sometimes become necessity. Change or die, think out of the box or out of business, Hell, even Seal sang “no we never gonna survive, unless, we get a little crazy”.

Aditya Prathomo
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