Half of the lies we tell



Citizen            : If religion is a lie, then what is truth according to you?

Socrates            : I don't know.

Citizen            : What? Then why you're wiser than us?

Socrates            : Because I know that I don't know.

-Socrates- the philosopher you know


Breaking news: Every one lies. Even the holiest person also lies (ever heard of white lies?). And I wonder if Abraham Lincoln is the greatest liar of all when he told "I never lie", yeah, right dude. But what's so relieving is the fact that half of the lies we tell ain't true. Something like this: you're love ones are cheating. OK, maybe that's a lie, but there will never be a smoke without a spark (fire). There's some truth in every lies even something as absurd as demon or alien exist, at least there's "something" out there.

There's a true in every lies, so it kinda make sense when some people said that they were kidnapped by alien (and have some sexual "abuse"? Come on, are the ladies on their planet are so bad that they have to travel in a millions year distance just to "bang" some one?). At least they been abuse together, it's a proof that misery loves company (you're not alone, in the abuse pal).

Some truth also contains in the legend of vampire. Vampire has many version, many names depending on the location. In Philipine, there's a ‘creature' called Aswang, in Europe vampire also known as noseferatu, vampire has other name Dracula, etc. Maybe this creature is just a myth, but how come many nation has their own version of vampire. Something fishy is happening here.

History known a person named Vlad Tapes (or Vled in the Moslem version) the Impaler, his cruelty in the holy crusade war makes him a legend, such as his apetite for blood (cuz the amount he shed), how he is an immortal and could not be killed unless he is impaled (his method to bring fear to opponent to impale the enemy became a legend so people assume that the only way he could die is impaled). Lets just say Vlad become the slave or prisoner of his own fate and freedom on his war intimidating method).

Some legend said that dracula is Judas Iscariot, this theory is emerge because some said that after Jesus crucified, judas hang himself right when the sun rise, right with the silver coin he acquired when he sell his teacher to be crucified. This create the theory of why vampire afraid of sun light (the time he dies), and silver bullet (the coin that left in hin as he hang himself). But this theory said that he is failed to hang himself, so he became immortal and worship satan (the blood lust myth). Weird if you ask me. But then again, there will be no smoke without a spark right?

Another true is the myth of the gods, as in greek, rome, or normandic legend. OK they are belief in many Gods, not one, but look at this. In greek mythology the most powerful God is Zeus, in Rome myth it called Jupiter, and in Normandic is Odin. They share some similarity, they all are the leader of the Gods, and also the strongest one, their attribute have something for thunder. Some believe the difference is only because Rome, Greek, and Normandic have their own culture, so they decide to shift the image as suit them. And each of the myth has his own version of doomsday, the judgment day, or Ragnarok in the normandic myth. Which is all implies that the era of Gods will be vanished and extinct. But where are the Gods now? Today people worship other Gods, some only one the omnipotent dude, the only one (just like me, a free-lance monotheist, borrowing some one else idea that is^_*).

Or the myth of Rakshasa in India, or raksasa in Indonesia (other notable name is Genderuwo, or kolor ijo/the green under wear. Any relation with green lantern?). In greek myth called the titans, or even Cyclops, or Titan. Normandic also has their own version of giant creature. All of this creature share the same common traits, they all are giant, shape-shifter, likes to "interact" with human (in some nasty way, hard core you know ^_^), and also ugly looking bastard, and pack some powerful punch (and it's not associating with alcohol-like "punch").

Probably Lochness monster also exist. I mean, we don't even know if T-rex and the gang are extinct. Maybe the creature who lives in the ocean survives. Lochness description is awfully similar to Brontosaurus protégé who evolve and live in the past right? Even the monster Leviathan also depictured as something like lochness, and this freak believe to be exist in greek myth. Or the myth of dragon, every country has its own version and shapes, like in China or England, but one common thing, they all reptile like creature (dinosaur?). Hey even today we already seen a dog with two head (mutation gene), so why we didn't believe if Cerberus is exist (the three head dog who guard the gate of hell).

And maybe Highlander (the TV series and movie series about an immortal being who couldn't die) really exist. Because the air in highland is fresher and healthier than other places. No wonder they live a longer life than average people.

You know that there is a genre called science-fiction, which we sometime forgot the word: science. So it contains or holds some degree of truth in it. That's why we love that genre. It is so compelling and reach-able. Hey, stranger than fiction heh? Science-fiction, alien, zombie, the lost world, light saber, time machine, cool.

There are so many things that once considered as legend or just a myth actually hold some degree of truth (Atlantis everyone?). Just like how Jewish, Moslem, Christian and catholic have a lot in commons, they share the same heritage, the same legacy (even share one holy city). They came from the same root. Even the idea of a virgin gave birth to a child also exist in Greek myth (Mythras, God of fertility), tales of Deganawida (the peace bringer in Indian Iroquois tribe myth), even the Buddha said to be come from heaven into a womb of his mother in the form of white-milk like skin elephant (sorry if I offended some one), even the word "Allah", which is also mean as God, is also known in some Christianity teaching. Maybe religion is true then, not a lie?

So, the point is, half of the lies we tell ain't true, it contain some degree of truth. So the next time you heard that your friend or some one is cheating, it maybe true, it maybe wrong. But what matter most is the story behind it, there are always both sides of the story. Maybe it was you who made them cheats, and don't forget the benefit of doubt and second thought (and I still wonder why I go all along with the myth thing if all I want to tell is only this?).

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