Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breathe?
Somebody rip my heart out And leave me here to bleed
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please

-Avril Lavigne, Anything but ordinary


Besides the quote from Avril (OK I admit I like her, she’s hot!!! Though I think the third album is sucks, where is the soul in it? It’s cookie cutter pop, unlike the first, the self searching, or the second, darker edgier, the third album sucks. Satisfy now?), I think everyone is trying to prove that s/he is above the average, super, extraordinary, bottom line is anything but ordinary. I found that this train of thought to be a paradox.

We all think that we all are special, unique from everyone else, maybe it’s a prime-alpha psychology or something, or maybe a narcistic urge to feel that we are better than someone else. But somehow when all the chips are down, like when the time the government issued an act where the poor will get compensation such as cheaper gasoline or something, we all, the non poor, protest and said it’s not fair. We hide and protect our ego behind the concept of equality, where we all are the same (well, before the law and God we all just the same, right?).

Even super heroes also protect themselves, hiding in their alter ego identity, such as Superman-Clark Kent, Spiderman-Peter Parker, or Bruce Wayne-Batman (notice the different? It’s cuz the real person is Batman, and the mask is Bruce Wayne). They protect themselves because they are afraid that someone or something will harm them, or someone they love. Thus, they pretend to be one of us, non super. What a great concept ordinary or normal is sometimes, it can protect super heroes.

To think about it, is it wrong to be ordinary? I mean I have lots of friend that want to spend his old days, retirement day just to sit back, relax doing nothing. Lots of people think like that, how ordinary is that!? It’s not wrong to dream an ordinary dream, to live an ordinary life, to die in an ordinary way.

I remember the movie “The Incredible”, when Dash complain that he can’t use his super power and his mom gave a reason that is it wrong to use it, it will be cheat and will make you feel better than anyone else. Then Dash asks is it wrong to be special, then mom said that we all are special. Then Dash came to conclusion that no one is special, it’s just another way to say it.

Just watch Monica Beluci movie, “Malena” If I’m not mistaken. Just because she’s more beautiful than other girl, she was cast out. What a price to pay to be beautiful, to be special.

So is it wrong to feel special? Well if you are an a$$hole like Jose Mourinho the “special one”, it’s wrong. Attitude like that will bring conflict and hatred between us. I know that felt like him is normal, but do understand that not everyone is as open minded like you, especially in the term of religion or ideal. Behave ourselves.  

Feeling special or unique is a trigger to self motivation and to better one self. But think about what “The Incredible” said, when we all special or Super, no one is. The reason why we are special is because we all special on some field that some else doesn’t. Maybe it was intended so we need each other. Call it anything you like, opposite attract, special needs or maybe that cheap love quotes, “maybe you feel that you meant nothing for this world, but somewhere, someone feels that you meant the whole world for him/her”. Cheesy but I kinda agree with it.

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