I'm alive, And I don't need a witness To know that I survived I'm not looking for forgiveness I just need light, I need light in the dark as I search for the resolution Jack’s Mannequin-The Resolution

This week blog is inspired by someone called Dee who reply my comment about someone blog that tell a story or some sort of, about dream. Well I’m a pessimist (which ironically quite optimist) who loathe Adidas commercial, “Impossible is nothing”. I mean to have a dream is OK, but be honest with yourself, if you’re ugly, or not good looking to be polite, and you dream about dating Kiera Knightley, well all I could say is, dream on bro. And cuz new years eve is approaching with the speed of light, I think resolution is a good idea.

If you ask me, it’s strange why people always use new years momentum to create resolution, I prefer birthday. Well maybe because we all are corporate robot and slave wages, we adapt to corporate culture whose using new year to begin a new book or report. And sadly, resolution is a lost cause. Most people failed to accomplish it, we wouldn’t admit it but we always say “My new year resolution is accomplished” while honestly it just plan B or some escape plan we accomplish.

Well if you ask me, why we fail is cuz we set our goal too high, to extravagant. It’s not wrong to dream, but do please dream the possible dream. Let me put it this way, if I were a boxer and I’m good at in boxing style, I wouldn’t bother try to improve my long range punch. I’d rather improve my body blow, my uppercut etc. I maximize what I have rather than something that wasn’t even there in the first place. Just like my neighbor whose new years resolution is to be not angry, to be a patient person, which he is not. His a gasoline ready to be lit, just need a little push and he’ll explode. Of course his resolution is a big flop. He set his goals to high.

Knowing that everyone I know failed their resolution, I resolve not to have resolution, I’m in a journey to nowhere, in search of nothing. And just when all hope is lost. M y neighbor, the grumpy old man, try to patch things up and refuse to surrender his last year resolution to be a patient man, he resolve to change his way little by little, not a giant leap of faith like everyone else. He resolves to count to ten each time he goes berserk. And it works.  He became more and more patient cuz he realize if he distracted enough, with the counting, he have more time to think before he angry, even he forgot why he angry in the first place. And that settle the problem, We should try to change our self one step at a time, just like Jordin spark said in her song one step at a time, “it’s like learning to fly, or falin in love. It’s gonna happen baby, when we find the reason why. On step at a time”.

So when we want to be a better person, be more specific, resolve something like I resolve to woke up earlier, or I resolve to save my allowance (so I could go to Bali), etc. So, to dream the impossible dream is OK, but see a bigger picture, have a contingency plan, a step to step guidelines. Don’t just dream, it’s idiotic. Know our weakness, know our strength, maximize what we do have before we improve something that we don’t have in the first place. Don’t bite more than you can chew. Well, this year I resolve to decreased my masturbation, rather than stop masturbation (it’s a shame to just throw away my porn collection anyway, I’d rather sell it or give it to someone who needs it). I think maybe one day I’ll be an optimistic guy who loves Walt Disney movie (idiotic content of happily ever after, they should try to make a sequel, it will be suck, but that how life is. SucKS)

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