The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity

Doug Horton


We all love the simple things in life. I think the reason we love fast food, instant food, besides the fact that it serves fast, because its simple, unlike dining a slow food or a formal feast, where there's a protocol or procedures order to eat food or which equipment suits the food. For me, that's why I like console gaming rather than PC, you don't have to suits your PC requirements with the game requirements, all you need is plug & play, simple.

Then again, sometimes we forgot, or to be exact we underestimate the simple things in life. Sometimes we just pretend to be complicated, to be sophisticated, maybe cuz simple is ordinary, it seems plain. But when you think about it, doesn't it bothering you that most people spend their weekend in the suburb, in the village? They say it's for refreshing, I say cuz we miss the good old days when everything seems so simple.

Sometimes I wonder if this simple factor applied in most everything in our life. Take me for example, I don't do girl, it's not like I'm a gay, I'm just couldn't handle the commitment since I'm committed to many things such as family, job (I'm under-paid boss, incase you read this), etc, Hell! Even my commitment to God is rather suck cuz I'm commited to other things in life. I don't have any slot left for girl (maybe if I get a higher salary I'll think about it). But honestly I dreamt of an ideal girl, someone with sexy & grace like Kiera Knightley, Rhona Mitra, Kate Beckinsale, Yabuki Haruna, etc. Then again, I think everyone has a double standard like America, we all has ideal type and realistic type. Just like choosing a car, I love Jeep, especially Wrangler, but if I have money, I'll buy city car cuz it's economic, and easy to maintain. It's simple.

Honestly again, when I think about it, the first time I really fall for a girl, not some crazy wet dream with a model or porn magazine girl, is with a girl that really not my ideal type (I really want to attach her photo, but I think it will be a breach of property or personal rights). She's not sexy (kinda chubby), she's not gorgeous or beautiful (but she's cute, especially when she smile), but the attitude, man it's so cool. I love that easy-going and boy-ish personality. Every other beautiful girl just come and go, just like a hot car on the street, you just looking and hooked, but when it passed, it passed, you just went to your old trusty steed, and that's just how I feel about her, stuck in the head.

Maybe cuz she's the great question for all the great answer such as "I want to spend the rest of my life with someone like you", "with you I don't need to worry about anything, I knew somehow I'd make it with you", "when all the chips are down, I knew you'll be there" or "I think I want to grow old with you", or maybe because she's simple.

With other girls, I have to worry what to wear, what to talk, how to behave, did I have budget to treat them, etc. With her I just feel comfortable & be myself. Everything's so simple, not complicated or sophisticated. Is it cuz she's simple? I don't know. The definition of simple it self is hard to explain, just like Doug Horton said, "the art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity".

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