Too much of something

Too much love will kill you, if you don’t make up your mind
Van Halen

This week blog is something so insignificant, so useless and won’t bring any good to everyone who read it, but since this thing is so “wow” for me, I just decided to write it. Well I spent this weekend my Saturday, in Dufan (Indonesia made in Hongkong version of Disneyland) for free, compliment from my office which celebrate it’s anniversary this month.
What’s so interesting about it? Well I just learn that too much of something is never, ever good. How I learn about it? The old way, the hard way. Because it’s free, I spent the whole day too play all the most adrenaline thirst quencher, you name it, I played it. I even came before the place is open, but I’m allowed to get in cuz I’m one of the employee (it your heart out, especially for those happy couple who couldn’t get in cuz the place is reserved by my company). Well, to make it easy, I’ll break it down. I made the worse mistake for trying the currently “in” Tornado, the newest member of the adrenaline thirst quencher. You sat on a chair, and you just spin around in a horizontal way. It’s so hot, so exciting, I play it for three times, and the more I do it, the less excitement I felt. Well, first cut is the deepest, the second time is less exciting, the third time ain’t a charm. It’s boring, I even yawn when I played it.

So I lay my undying adrenaline junkie to the old, classic, legendary Halilintar, roller coaster if you didn’t know. But since my first arrival, the other employee also had arrive and spawning queue so horrifying, you wouldn’t even surprise if Lucifer crawl back to surface right in front of you. So I wait, and I wait, and I’m wait (I could write all forever, but I make it short). Then the promising moment came, the ride, but you know what? It over before it began. I don’t know what went wrong, maybe because I’m bored of Tornado before. Halilintar only last like, less than a minute. An it’s over before you know it, just like watching Steven Seagal fight scene, over before you know it, even his shirt still preppy. I want my money back,hey, it’s for free. I kinda forgot. But it’s half an hour of my life that wasted for nothing, and I never gonna get it back.
After already bored of everything, I decided to try the less popular, even don’t have a long queue, kicir-kicir. The reason I play it? Cuz it design it just like Tornado, but it design to spin not only horizontally, vertically, even it spin like a rag doll in the hand of some hyper active kid. Quite surprisingly exciting for something so underrated. Even kora-kora, a tug o boat run back and forth is more fun because it deliver a different kinfd of fun.
Well, there’s a reason, why we should queue, it makes our body forgot the excitement, so it will be a new start once we play something.  I thought something like that never exist, too much of a good thing? Come on, we are human, we never be satisfied, we know not enough. Even when my friend, a married man, said he’s tired of sex, I said his tired of having sex with his wife. But it is exist. 

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