Why Bother?


I wake up to find it’s another four aspirin in the morning and I dive in, I wore the same cloth I wore yesterday, when did the society decided that we have to change and wash out our T-shirt after every individual use? If it’s not dirty I’m gonna wear it, I take the stairs to the car and just follow the windows. I need caffeine in my blood stream, I take caffeine in the blood stream. I crave four wheels and in one time I realize my life has become a boring pop song, and everyone sing along.

“I’m ready”, by Jacks Manneqin

It’s really strange when you think that why we even bother to defy the nature’s law? It’s not like I talk about something philosophical, I’m talking bout daily life, something that we can relate to, like the new years resolution. Example: just like the phrase I heard from Jacks mannequin song, why we have to change and wash out our T-shirt after every individual use? Why we even bother to change our cloth when it’s gonna get dirty anyway? Why we just don’t get naked, we born naked right (FYI: I’m not a nudist type of guy, this is just a thought) If we want to take this into a grander scale, what I’m trying to say is (without mocking or offended everyone who tries so hard for a better living or something) why we even bother to try to change things (everything, a person, a method, etc)? When in college my dean once said this interesting theory:

 Problem → problem solving → solution → anomaly → problem

This theory could be applied in everything in life. So it really bothers me, why we even bother to change (weird sentence?)? Every time we try to change something, after we fix the problem, that “solution” is bound to turn into an anomaly. This anomaly maybe a degeneration of things, or just a clash between reality and theory (das solen and das sein), which in it process is creating and anomaly as a result of what should’ve done and what have had been did. Easy example of this theory, some government is trying to reduce traffic jam, and they decided that “one family one car” policy is the answer for this problem. After being applied, this policy is just adding another problem, an anomaly of the problem solving, such as fraud by the civilian whose try to “play by the rules” with using different license for their cars (maybe one car is under the father’s license, and the other one is under the sons). This anomaly will be evolved into a new problem, such as increasing of violation against the law/policy, corruption by the officer whose try to “help” the violator, etc. Maybe this example is more related to us: maybe some people always failed in the relationship because s/he is too strict in using money (Scrooge McDuck type), and this human decided to change his/her way. So he began to spend his/her money to treat his/her love ones, and this solution is evolved into an anomaly such over budget, and the anomaly will turn into new problem such as the deficiency of nutrition because the budget for nutrition is allocated to treat the love ones.

Another cases is how most new years resolution is always failed (I feel you brothers and sisters) in the process. Why? Maybe because the process of realization of the resolution is creating an anomaly, which in the end will become a new problem. So, why we bother to change our ways? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?

As I writing this I think maybe because every living creature is have a nature to defy things, even the cornered rabbit will attack the predator in an attempt of desperate attack (with nothing to lose anyway intention) who sometimes works and saved the rabbit life. If we being pushed or cornered by problems in our life, we bound to defy and won’t accept things. We try to change things, and everyone is aim for a better living right? And we try to prevent problems in a vain hope that things will go our way if we try right? Or maybe it’s also human nature that we never be satisfied, thus we want something else, something better. So I guess we should bother to try, it means something, even if it failed, it mean something cuz we try and not just lay and drop dead.

I once heard that God won’t change some nations fate unless the nation it self wants to change his fate. So we should bother to try, and a little advise that I tried to my self to fulfill the new years resolution, don’t bite more than you can chew, example if you want to stop smoking, don’t resolute to stop, but instead try reduce the frequency of smoking gradually. I bet if we try to resolve at one step to another, not the big leap, we will success, we will prevail, amen.

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